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A Hero’s Journey at the Camden Fringe, 2011 – Read all about it.



' ... deeply absorbing – to the point where much of the time I was barely conscious that these were 'performances' at all ...  A Hero's Journey is an affirmative act of bloody-minded creation. What it left me thinking about was the writers' own comments on their work in the programme notes: “they thought it might be a good idea to let their writing see the light of day.  They don't know if it was a good idea yet.”  For what it's worth, I'd say this play was definitve confirmation that it was.'  -  James Monroe, On the Fringe. You can read James Monroe's excellent review and plot analysis in its entirety here.

'The audience certainly enjoyed the geeky innuendos and references, which provided some entertaining moments and, for this reviewer, a few belly laughs ... a surreal and dark look at the life of a nerd.'  -  Jack Badley, Fringe Review.

'Solid work performed with authority to full houses by an excellent pro cast.'  -  Stephen Gallagher, creator of Eleventh Hour and the writer of Doctor Who serials 'Warrior's Gate and 'Terminus'.



' ... a number of entertaining and comedic moments ... The character of Rosie, who attends a creative writing class run by Mathew is a joyous and entertaining pink haired addition to the cast ... there are well crafted elements within the writing ... It would be interesting to see where Jordan and Baker take their writing next as there is promise within the script.'  -  Andrew Taylor, Remote Goat.

' ... a feisty performance from Ellen Gallagher ... and a delightful one from Chapman as the phantom Dr Who.'  -  Harold Loxton, British Theatre Guide.

Yorkshire Evening Post has published an interview with our heroic lead Richard Jackson. It's a very nice plug for the show, and also a good laugh when you consider the subject matter.

'The play is hotly-tipped to become a television sitcom and the pilot will be filmed after the performances ... 'Richard, 28, said: “When I got the role I was so pleased. Television is what I want to move into, so to know I could be a part of a TV show is very exciting.”'

We can neither confirm or deny this rumour. Well, we can, but we won't. We're not that stupid. You can read the interview between Richard and Juliette Bains here.

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