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ManMoth Productions presents: DEAD STATIC.

After months of meetings and writing, the time has come. We are thrilled to announce our brand new production for 2012 will be DEAD STATIC, a new science-fiction comedy by Steve Jordan.

The year is - 'the future'. Two complete strangers wake up on a tiny space shuttle in the middle of deep space. Tyler, a sarcastic smuggler, finds himself trapped with Gary, an insufferable schizophrenic. If things couldn't get any worse, they discover that the Syndicate have sentenced them both to death - they have one hour before their shuttle goes nose-first into the asteroid belt. Can they work together to survive? Are they doomed to irritate each other into oblivion? Or will they thwart an evil empire in time for tea and Deal or No Deal? Yup. It's still a thing.

Auditions will be running at the end of this month. We've already had a fantastic response and a wealth of talent to choose from. Choosing our cast will be a very tricky task indeed, but tricky in the best way possible!

In the coming months ahead of the performances, we have lots of plans to build the story in your minds before you even set foot in a theatre. Prepare yourself for prequel videos, cast photos and updates regarding our progress. Yeah, I know ... new series of Sherlock, Dark Knight Rises, and now this. 2012 is going to be the entertainment year of the century.

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