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Friday and Saturday are SOLD OUT, but tickets still available Sunday!

Only 2 days until Dead Static debuts! The Friday 10th and Saturday 11th performances of Dead Static sold out yesterday. If you were planning on coming one of those nights but didn't get round to booking your ticket, do not despair! There are still plenty of tickets for Dead Static's final performance on Sunday 12th August!

Plus there's always a chance that a few tickets might become available for the Friday and Saturday, should someone demand their money back after mistakenly thinking that they bought tickets to see a death metal band. It's probably happened at least once this summer.

For those of you who are coming, a big thank you for booking your ticket - we can't wait to see you! Be sure to let us know what you thought of the show on our facebook and twitter pages! Also, you can still view the Dead Static webisode prequels on our youtube channel too.

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