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The Dead Static team were interviewed by theatre and film reviewers Views from the Gods recently to discuss the play's brand new run, geek culture and much more! The team, from left to right as pictured, is comprised of script consultant Ellen Gallagher, actors Cliff Chapman and Adam Joselyn, and writer/director Steve Jordan.

On working together -

CC: It was a really nice collaborative process. I liked chucking in ideas. When we were first doing it, we did it in Steve and Ellen's flat, and I asked if I could have the PS3 controller (as a prop to control the ship). The original plan was to build something bespoke, but then I got quite attached to it and we just thought: "Wouldn't it be funny to have the PS3 remote because people might like it." And then the button mashing gag gets in there.

AJ: It is quite nice to be able to chuck in a couple of words at the end of the sentence, even if they are swear words, and not get told to stick to the script.

SJ: I told them from the beginning that rehearsals will be fun and I wanted it to be collaborative. To begin with, we used the script as a guideline and the guys brought their own little bits and pieces to the script and the characters and it was a melting pot of ideas.

EG: The great thing about Steve as a director is that he has a clear vision, but isn't afraid to bend it.

SJ: The paramaters are definitely there. I have a clear idea of what good comedy is, what comedy I enjoy, and occasionally, I will say: "No, say it exactly like this" because that's what it needs. But at the same time, these guys know what the parameters are and how to be creative within them.

Many thanks to Views from the Gods and Gareth Alexander for conducting the interview, which you can read in its entirety here.

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