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Friday and Saturday are SOLD OUT, but tickets still available Sunday!

Only 2 days until Dead Static debuts! The Friday 10th and Saturday 11th performances of Dead Static sold out yesterday. If you were planning on coming one of those nights but didn't get round to booking your ticket, do not despair! There are still plenty of tickets for Dead Static's final performance on Sunday 12th August!

Plus there's always a chance that a few tickets might become available for the Friday and Saturday, should someone demand their money back after mistakenly thinking that they bought tickets to see a death metal band. It's probably happened at least once this summer.

For those of you who are coming, a big thank you for booking your ticket - we can't wait to see you! Be sure to let us know what you thought of the show on our facebook and twitter pages! Also, you can still view the Dead Static webisode prequels on our youtube channel too.


Dead Static interview.

Writer/director Steve Jordan discusses Dead Static in a brief interview for Fringe Review.

How is this show different?

Dead Static brings together a great science fiction concept, an against-the-clock atmosphere, and an angry, biting sense of humour - three things that you don't often find together onstage. We have two fantastic leads in Cliff and Adam, who have great comedic chemistry and are making my lines a lot funnier than they have any right to be. Dead Static is first and foremost a comedy, but I wanted to create two characters that audience could love/hate enough to care about what happens to them. This isn't a flippant sf parody, there's a real story taking place that I hope will entertain the audiences that support the Camden Fringe.

You can read the complete interview as well as words from other Camden Fringe performers here.


Two strangers walk into a space shuttle…

Greetings! It is less than two weeks before Cliff Chapman and Adam Joselyn tread the boards in Dead Static, ManMoth's new science fiction comedy play running at the Etcetera Theatre as part of this year's glorious Camden Fringe line up. Rehearsals are in full swing and full of giggles, and we were delighted to be named one of Fringe Review's top five recommendations ahead of this year's festival. We can't wait for the 10th, but for now, here's a poster. And don't forget to check out the Dead Static prequel videos on our youtube channel. Ta.



Dead Static Webisode Prequels are live!

Behold! The Dead Static prequels are online and ready for your viewing pleasure. These 5-6 minute videos are an introduction into the characters and world of the play, hitting the Camden Fringe festival in August. Though they are by no means required viewing (you can watch the play having never seen these before), they give a little bit of insight into how these two men came to be sentenced to death. Watch in 720p for best results! Anyway, we hope you enjoy them and we look forward to seeing you at the Etcetera in a few weeks time!


The official ‘Dead Static’ poster.


Dead Static tickets are on sale now!

It's that time again! Tickets for 'Dead Static' at the Etcetera Theatre are on sale as of today!

The show will be taking place on the 10th, 11th and 12th of August at 7.30pm.

You can purchase tickets via the Camden Fringe website or directly via ticketweb.

Looking forward to seeing you in August! And I'm sure Tyler and Gary would too, if they were real, and not fictional space adventurers on the run from evil oppressors.


Wanted Dead.




Adam Joselyn is Gary.

We are delighted to announce that the role of Gary in Dead Static will be played by the fantastic Adam Joselyn. Adam is a brilliant comic performer who ManMoth have had the pleasure of working with before, and we can't wait to see him get to grips with the delightfully crazy conman this summer.

In other news, the first of the Dead Static prequels has been filmed and we are well into the editing process. The webisode will star Cliff Chapman and Ellen Gallagher, and will be released in July. Watch this (web) space.



Dead Static – Etcetera Theatre, 10th, 11th & 12th August, 7.30pm.

ManMoth Productions is delighted to announce that our new science fiction comedy 'Dead Static' will debut at the Etcetera Theatre as part of this year's Camden Fringe Festival. The performances will take place on the 10th, 11th and 12th August at 7.30pm. That's a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, fact fans.

We had a fantastic time at the Etcetera Theatre last year with our debut production 'A Hero's Journey' and we can't wait to go back there to give you some more funnies. We're thrilled to return to the Camden Fringe and can't wait to see you all in August. Let the good times, as they say, roll.

Tickets will be available on the 1st June from ticketweb and the Camden Fringe website.


ManMoth Productions presents: DEAD STATIC.

After months of meetings and writing, the time has come. We are thrilled to announce our brand new production for 2012 will be DEAD STATIC, a new science-fiction comedy by Steve Jordan.

The year is - 'the future'. Two complete strangers wake up on a tiny space shuttle in the middle of deep space. Tyler, a sarcastic smuggler, finds himself trapped with Gary, an insufferable schizophrenic. If things couldn't get any worse, they discover that the Syndicate have sentenced them both to death - they have one hour before their shuttle goes nose-first into the asteroid belt. Can they work together to survive? Are they doomed to irritate each other into oblivion? Or will they thwart an evil empire in time for tea and Deal or No Deal? Yup. It's still a thing.

Auditions will be running at the end of this month. We've already had a fantastic response and a wealth of talent to choose from. Choosing our cast will be a very tricky task indeed, but tricky in the best way possible!

In the coming months ahead of the performances, we have lots of plans to build the story in your minds before you even set foot in a theatre. Prepare yourself for prequel videos, cast photos and updates regarding our progress. Yeah, I know ... new series of Sherlock, Dark Knight Rises, and now this. 2012 is going to be the entertainment year of the century.

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