ManMoth Productions

The Dead Static Rises.

DEAD STATIC is back! We are delighted to announce that our space comedy play will be returning to the London in a five night run at the end of the year. The show will take place from 11th to 15th December at the fantastic Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington. For those of you who missed out on our debut run at the Etcetera this summer, this is the perfect opportunity to come see the show in a quality, intimate venue. And if you've already seen Dead Static (and, for instance, enjoyed it), then why not come back and bring some friends? The show has developed since its first run, and we can promise a minimum of 2% new material. It is a play, after all. Tickets available now, click here to get your mits on them!


Richard Jackson is Matthew.

We're thrilled to announce that Richard Jackson will be playing our hero Matthew Rain! You should know all about Matthew by now, and if you don't, you'll have a chance to meet him in August...

Richard is a brilliant talent and we're delighted to have in board. Now we once again have a full cast, it's all steam ahead! Remember tickets are on sale for our Camden Fringe run, so if you're a fan of great comedy or even Doctor Who, come down to Camden this August for a giggle and good times!


Tickets on sale now!

That day has finally come. Tickets for 'A Hero's Journey' at the Etcetera Theatre are on sale as of today!

The show will be taking place on the 17th, 18th and 19th of August at 7.30pm.

The act of purchasing the tickets is easy, but here's a brief run through.

1. Visit and click on 'What's on' for a full list of all the shows at the Camden Fringe this year.

2. Click on the calendar for the date you would like to come see the show, and find us on the list that appears. Click 'Book online now'.

3. On ticketweb, once again find us on the list and click 'buy now'. It's as simple as that.

Looking forward to seeing you in August!


Nick Skaugen is Ferdinand/Daniel.

We are very proud to annouce that Nick Skaugen will be playing the dual roles of Ferdinand and Daniel.

Ferdinand is the successful author of various 'how to write' books without ever writing a single word of fiction in his life. His best friend Matthew resents this success, but doesn't turn down the offer of a rent- free room indefinitely.

Daniel is a student of Matthew who dreams of one day running his own art-house cinema. He is a playwright, artist, experimental filmmaker and insufferable prat.

We welcome Nick into the team, and can't wait to see what this talented actor will bring to these two contrasting roles.


Ellen Gallagher is Rosie.

We are delighted to announce that Ellen Gallagher will be joining the cast as Rosie, an idiotic, simple member of Matthew's writing class.

Ellen has already been counted as a valuable member of the ManMoth production team, but she is also an extremely talented and experienced performer.


Sally Preston is Kate.

We are delighted to announce that Sally Preston will play the part of Kate, Ferdinand's angry and demanding agent/girlfriend, and a constant thorn in Matthew's side.

Sally is a fantastic performer, and we are extremely happy to welcome her to the team and looking forward to her scaring us as Kate in rehearsals!


Cliff Chapman is ‘The Doctor’.

We are delighted to announce that Cliff Chapman will be playing 'The Doctor', a twisted version of Peter Davison's kindly Doctor Who, manifested as an anti-muse in the mind of failed writer Matthew Rain.

Cliff is a talented and versatile performer, and we are happy to welcome him to the team.


Auditions, auditions.

Last night we held our first night of auditions for A Hero's Journey. Auditions are a really exciting time for us as it is the first time that we get to hear the lines read by people who may finally be performing the play come August.

The quality was exceptionally high, so we hope to have some positive announcements in the near future. If any further auditions need to be held then we'll be sure to let you all know. The production is really beginning to ramp up now, and after casting is complete we will begin to work on costume and props.

The frustrating life of Matthew Rain is finally beginning to materialise into the physical world, and this is a cause for celebration.


Welcome to our new website.

Welcome to the brand new website for ManMoth Productions. We are a small theatre production company formed in 2009 by writers Patrick Baker and Steve Jordan.

Our first production is 'A Hero's Journey', a surreal comedy drama that is set run August 17th, 18th and 19th this year at the Etcetera Theatre as a part of the Camden Fringe festival.

We are currently at the stage of casting the play for its run this summer, so expect more news very soon.