ManMoth Productions

The Whole Gang.

The whole gang's here! Left to Right - Richard Jackson, Patrick Baker, Sally Preson, Nick Skaugen, Steve Jordan, Ellen Gallagher, Cliff Chapman. Ever seen a more beautiful, talented bunch? No, didn't think so. We'll try and get a few pics from the dress rehearsal to treat you to as well.


Nick Skaugen is Ferdinand/Daniel.

We are very proud to annouce that Nick Skaugen will be playing the dual roles of Ferdinand and Daniel.

Ferdinand is the successful author of various 'how to write' books without ever writing a single word of fiction in his life. His best friend Matthew resents this success, but doesn't turn down the offer of a rent- free room indefinitely.

Daniel is a student of Matthew who dreams of one day running his own art-house cinema. He is a playwright, artist, experimental filmmaker and insufferable prat.

We welcome Nick into the team, and can't wait to see what this talented actor will bring to these two contrasting roles.